Ryan Burch is a soufflé. A wide range of ingredients were used in making him and stuck in the oven he rose.

Gathered from the San Diego area, Ryan’s ingredients are one part Carl Ekstrom with tastes of engineering principles, wacky ideas and innovation. Combined with three hearty scoops of heritage farmed fresh from the gardens of Rich Pavel, Skip Frye, and Joel Tudor. Sprinkled on top are a mix of spices that bring a taste of critical, fast and explosive modern shortboard shredding. All these ingredients are added to a solid base of good friends like Chris Cravey, Eric Snortum, Max Jesse, Derek Disney, Bryce Young, and Scott Innes. With all the ingredients combined and beginning to cook a transformation started to take place. A zest for hard work and a natural skill for craftsmanship became visible as the soufflé rose. Now out of the oven for a while Ryan is being hailed by critics around the world for his precision lines off the top, his silky smooth approach to wave riding and for his ability to make boards that keep some of the worlds best surfers coming back for more.